Siberia Ontario Native Exchange 2006 Letters 1 & 2

From: Akhat Maneshev <>
Subject: Letter for George Henry
Date: Fri 03/24/06

Hello Sonny, my faraway friend, whom I remember very much; recently I had no chance to get to the Internet. Yet Today I got to a free computer and had a chance to use it for some time. So I translated to you father's letters. The first letter - long ago promised message for George Henry. Please correct it if English is wrong. I know that it is out of date - but this happens without any of my fault, but only because my poor conditions. "Hello, Sonny, my dear friend! Shaman Akkanat is greeting you and is giving a multitude gratitude for your help in Internet issues and in establishing contacts with Canadian Indians! Let the Great Spirit Creator send to you and your relatives all the life successes! I have prepared a message for George Henry. I am also making an image for the water show; soon it will be ready, and I can send it via email. Besides I want to send a present as a sign of friendship and cooperation.


Spirits of the Earth and the Sky of Siberia and Akkanat, who is a Sibirga elder greet George Henry, who is an elder from Chippewa Thames reservation! I am glad to be at least somewhat useful in a struggle over the purity of the Earth and the Water. What you expect in 30 years has happened already here in Siberia: 90% of children are born not healthy; here take place mass heart diseases and cancer diseases. And this is only an official information; not official is even worse. The North of Siberia is filled with radiation; fish-monsters live in lakes poisoned with radiation; happens mass death of young fries because of oil pollution. South also demonstrates blind fish due to the dirty water. These rivers are strongly prohibited from drinking water and simple contact with humans. "Mars sceneries" happen in places of former mines. The country has passed the law about the sale of lands, and a few pure lands are bought by officials from the state, that is why here cannot be any serious approach to the rights of Native people…

Now few words about the Federation of Native Siberian Artists:

There is officially a Union of Artists in Russia, and they several times suggested me to take part, but I reject because they do not have a separated section of Native Artists. As for the establishment of the Association of Native Artists: it is a very complicated task; we are very not numerous, and are spread all over the vast Siberia. However there is an association of Siberian and Far East Natives; already two years ago I suggested creating a federation of Native artists. This project is written for me, and the problem is that I am mortal, and there is no another person who can help it. Within the project it is planned to establish a center, where people can learn and exchange experience. Currently we are looking for money to start the project. The association appealed to the European Union and (whatever strange) to the Canadian Government. As for the Russian government, no one appeals to it because of the formerly acquired pathetic experience. And currently I carry out di fferent shows, performances, exhibitions, travel around Siberia trying to give a new birth to the traditional crafts and arts; all of that for my own money. Simply I am lucky (and I thank for that the Great Spirit and the Spirits of my Ancestors): my works of art have a great demand…

Currently I am preparing a road for them trying to establish an all-Siberia art because we are so not numerous that there is no sense to be separated into tribes and Nation. If I succeed on that field, I will calmly go to the valley of Ancestors. Yet this will not happen soon. In my 48 I am firm as a wood of larch and my veins are stronger than the roots of a cedar. I will keep fighting. I thank a lot for the print being sent. It is very important because it is not possible in Russia to have any convenient information about art of Canadian Natives. Let the Spirits of the Earth and the Sky of Canada protect you, George Henry, and your people. And let the Great Spirit Creator help you!

Shaman Akkanat



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