Siberia Ontario Native Exchange 2006 Letters 1 & 2

From: Akhat Maneshev <>
Subject: Re: spring time
Date: Mon, 29 May 2006
Hello Sonny! My very great friend from Canada inhabiting original culture!

Now I am writing about things going on here as I claimed.

Starting with interesting and good things.

First of all, thank you very much for sending such interesting items. 
Everyone whom I show them completely adores the items. Let me tell 
you a bit more about that.

The first set of items was a small painting on a birch bark and 
necklaces. All of that was really appreciated by my father. He took 
all the items and brought them to the local art museum. We used to 
have a local art museum in every big city, and Novokuznetsk is a 
rather big city (about 600.000 people, but this is an old data; now 
it can be up to 1.000.000). A specialist in the museum was highly 
impressed. We do not have any of native Indian items in Siberia, and 
yours are pretty indigenous. Everyone is impressed. People like 
colors. The colors are very connected and interacting with one 
another. My dad likes the themes of the drawings. He says that it is 
exactly what he is used to and that it is astonishing how things can 
be similar though many miles and ages separate them.

Therefore, my dad was very impressed, and he liked very much the idea 
of painting on the upper side of birch bark. We usually use the inner 
side, taking the birch bark from the trees, which are to be fallen. 
However, it is not always convenient especially in our contemporary 
way of life. This is why my dad liked the idea so much that he made a 
series of his paintings on the upper side of the birch bark and 
suggested to have an exhibit on that. The exhibit was approved, and 
we had an exhibition totally consisting of paintings on the upper 
side of the birch bark. I will send the most interesting pics as soon 
as I get a better Internet. The exhibition was highly appreciated. It 
took place in local State library hall, the biggest library in the 
city, and my father was speaking there about his works and about your 
contribution to the native cooperation and connection. Everyone liked 
that (when I am saying everyone it means that the great majority; 
always can be individuals who dis
  like everything due to some reasons). Also there was a State 
University professor, he was the one from Shor nation (I remember 
that you asked about Shors one time), and he considers himself to be 
the last Shor poet (this is what he says, and it looks like truth 
because Shors are in a very bad state now counting their cultural 
loss as the most important thing). He gave a presentation on native 
cultures. And my dad gave an interview to the TV reporters, wearing 
your necklace for sure; so I think that the entire city could notice it.

Another set of items is also very interesting. It is very pleasant 
that you use natural material without any harm to the natural 
environment. I liked the wooden beast very much. At that time my dad 
started to look for a job as he did not have any (looks like we 
currently have similar troubles), and the second set could not have 
so much impact as the first one, but it was appreciated as much.

So thank you a lot for your items. They are very interesting.

Your true Siberian friend


PS My father said thank you and great hello.


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